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JARR Ranch

Encino, Texas

Encino, Texas

2008 Hunting Packages

Get ready to be up close and personal with a south Texas 10 point plus buck at the JARR Ranch.

Welcome to the JARR Ranch located in the historic King Ranch country in south Texas.

"You definitely get your money's worth with JARR Ranch. So many deer, its hard pick the one you want. I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to hunt south Texas King Ranch whitetail deer."
- Josh Rodd

Are you ready to hunt the majestic Whitetail deer deep in King Ranch country 20 miles from the nearest roadway? This ranch is part of the historic Ball Ranch, located between the King Ranch Encino Division and the Armstrong Ranch in Kennedy County. This ranch is a paradise to both the hunter and the wildlife enthusiast. We guarantee you will see more deer than you have ever seen in a low fence ranch. Our goal is to provide you with the hunting dream of a lifetime at JARR Ranch. We have good solid 8-9 point Management bucks and 10 point plus Trophies that will send you into buck fever frenzy. We will only have a limited number of Management and Trophy buck hunts, so book now, book early. We also have a few Longhorn cattle just to keep it Texas style.


November 01st 2008.

This ranch has been on a game management program with protein feeders for the last three years and the results are in. We are now seeing Trophy bucks with kickers and drop tines. This season will be the first time hunts will be offered. Act now and get in on the deer hunt of a lifetime for the 08 - 09 season. There will be limited hunts offered to keep the quantity and high quality that we strive to meet the hunter's enjoyment.